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In our previous post entitled “Forex Robots – Would You Go For Them Or Just Do It Yourself?” we have an introduction into the technological advancement of investment combined with the help of a software or Forex Robot. Let’s face it, technology + investment + good forex robot = “A Lot Of Time With Your Family & Friends”. Now who wouldn’t want to have that? I am sure that I’m the first one to raise my hand and give this kind of system a try.

It’s like a new kind of business, except that most of it exists online or in cyberspace. Your business is your Forex System and your employee is your robot (who only gets paid once). And if you see it right, the only thing you have to pay for as maintenance would be your hosting server where your software programs are installed and running.

So what are the things that we need to get started with our own Forex VPS System? I have outlined the primary things that we need in order to make this system work.

1) Windows VPS Hosting Server – since our program Meta Trader 4 needs to be running 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, it’s just a good and wise investment to acquire the services of a hosting server. It saves you of the electricity bill charges and also, you don’t need to worry about power outages since most of these hosting servers provide a really good setup in their company for backups and power supply.
At the moment, I’m currently using the services of Forex VPS. What’s good about this server is that they already have a list of brokers pre-installed with the server once you use their services. The Meta Trader 4 software is already setup and ready to be used. All that you need to do is setup your Forex Robot.

2) Forex Robot – this is one piece of our system that you couldn’t take granted. We need a robot or a software to help us trade 24 hours a day. Since we can’t be awake and do analysis tasks all day, we need to invest in a forex robot to perform all this tasks for us. I personally made a research on this topic and also looked at a lot of reviews and forums, and the best forex robot out there in the market is no other than the Forex MegaDroid. It’s been online since 2009, and it’s performance, reliability, profitability and proven track record with testimonials is really amazing. While the other robots are quite ok, I’d highly recommend Forex MegaDroid as the number one choice.

3) Forex Broker – for this part, it depends on you and your budget to select the appropriate broker to suit your needs and provide you with the necessary tools and convenience in fund transfers.
Here’s a list of brokers that I could recommend that are good:
a) Lite Forex – if you would like to start with at least $1 to trade a live account, you could do so by acquiring their services.
b) FXDD Malta – if your budget starts from $250 or higher, then this broker is good and is also one of the recommended brokers that are compatible with our forex robot.
c) Forex Meta – another great broker to look at.

Those three are the most important factors to make this system work; it’s up to you to choose a different VPS hosting server and forex robot. But if you would want to have a high percentage of success, I highly recommend you to use the ones that I personally use myself.

I hope that you have great success once you have applied this system. Any comments and suggestions, post them here.